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Smeal College of Business announces the winners of the Undergraduate Smeal Impact Competition for Spring 2024

The 2024 Undergraduate Smeal Impact Competition was organized by the Center for the Business of Sustainability and the Smeal Diversity Enhancement Office. The case competition was sponsored by Impact Competition, which is an organization that seeks to empower students to address the most pressing social issues in their community.

As the 4th annual competition, 17 teams registered with the following five teams earning a place in the finals to compete for first ($3,000), second ($2,000), and third place ($1,000)

  • Morgan State University 

  • Penn State Scranton 

  • Penn State Smeal College of Business (three teams) 

The case focused on the housing crisis many people face on a day-to-day basis as well as the sustainable solutions that 3D printing poses while combatting this crisis. Housing is a basic need that needs to be met so individuals and families can thrive. This year’s competition asked teams to take a deep dive into these issues, highlighting solutions that are applicable within their local and surrounding community.  

Results of the Finals

First Place 

MAGJC Consulting – Penn State University Park 

Gabriel Rodriguez, Carissa Gayle, Maansi Shah, Jack McCormack, Adam Douglas (not pictured) advised by David Lenze 

Second Place 

Legacy Lifters – Morgan State University 

Noah Scales, Duran Miller, Omar Mitchel, Olivia Sheridan, Shyann Lawson advised by Dr. Daniel Brunson 

Third Place 

ESG Partners – Penn State University Park 

Sam Marshall, Grace Hubbard, Isabella Fernandes, John Papadopoulos advised by Travis Lesser 


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