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Above photo is from one of the Black Lives Matter rallies in State College, Pennsylvania, home of Penn State's University Park campus. Sustainability is not possible without equality and diversity. This is a core value of the Center for the Business of Sustainability.

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Join us as we continue to explore the impact of coronavirus on sustainable business

Virtual Fireside Discussion - The Impact of Coronavirus on Sustainability and the need for Ethical Leadership 12pm – 1pm EST Wednesday, May 27 Register now This webinar is part of the Center's COVID Response and is a unique series of conversations that provides the opportunity to go beyond the headlines and hear directly from experts in sustainability and social impact about how COVID-19 is changing the business landscape and making obvious the need for ethical leadership. Watch or listen to the previous discussions here featuring IBM, Community Capital Management and Organic Climbing. Panelists on May 27 Karen Quintos, executive vice president and chief customer officer at Dell Technologies

Forget to Learn: The One Surprising Science-based Key to Durable Learning

Here is how to really mess up your own learning, according to science: put your faith in fluency. "Fluency" is the term cognitive psychologists use to describe the momentary (and it turns out delusional) feeling "hey, I got this!" after you have reread something several times. You know the feeling, you have "gone over your notes/practice problems" many times and you are feeling good. Or you have "gone over that important presentation" many times are feeling like you got it. You don't. Distrust this feeling of "fluency." Rereading and repetition are the conventional wisdom--and they don't work. Sorry. But I have good news about what DOES work. Read on. The bottom line: you have to forget