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New Sustainability Research Site Features Six Areas of Strength

We have launched a new Research Website and we are excited to share it with you!

As a research center at the Smeal College of Business, we support and promote great researchers in the business of sustainability. Our Center Affiliated Faculty specialize in multiple business disciplines areas of research expertise:

  1. Sustainable Investing & ESG Performance

  2. Sustainable Product Development& Consumer Behavior

  3. Sustainability in Supply Chains

  4. Corporate Social Responsibility and Activism 

  5. Institutional & Social Change 

  6. Legal Incentives & Regulatory Impacts 

You can learn more about each of these areas of expertise and the associated faculty by visiting the new site.

Head on over and you can meet Dan Cahoy, our Research Director. Leading research at the Center for the Business of Sustainability, Dan was eager to create a resource that organized and showcased our sustainability research capabilities. We often have companies, agencies, and other universities asking about our research strengths. Now we have a better way to communicate these strengths and establish meaningful partnerships.

The new site provides information on the:

  1. Impact of our research in a diverse collection of industries and our relationships with corporate partners

  2. Collaboration to work with the center and center affiliates to work on the next sustainable breakthrough

  3. Support for funding, grants, and workshops to engage more people in sustainability

  4. Areas of expertise in sustainability research

If you haven't checked out our new research page, you can find it here

We hope you enjoy using our new page as much as we have built it for you. If you have any questions not addressed about our research, please reach out to Dan Cahoy for more information or inquiries. 

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