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2nd Annual Undergraduate Sustainable Business Case Comp with Lincoln University and Morgan State

We are passionate about two things: the power of business to change the world and the potential of hands-on learning to inspire and equip students to harness and direct this power. Our case competitions--grad students in the fall and undergrads in the spring--are a key platform for realizing both. This spring our competition has a great twist to it.

This spring the Undergraduate Sustainable Business Case Competition is bring organized with our friends at the Smeal Diversity Enhancement Programs and new friends at Lincoln University and Morgan State University--two fantastic institutions who are part of this country's proud legacy of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

Click here to watch a short video welcome, hear from students and organizers, view a full timeline, and to register.

Prizes: 1st place $3,000, 2nd place $2,000, and 3rd place $1,000.

The sustainable business competition is a hands-on opportunity to work on a cross-disciplinary team, to use business and markets to solve real-world social justice and environmental conservation challenges.  Student teams who make it to the finals will have the opportunity to present in front of some of today’s leading sustainability and social impact executives. 

What’s the topic this year?

This year’s case will focus on Covid-19 and issues associated with vaccination availability, accessibility, and acceptability. Businesses have tried incentives, mandates, and other mechanisms to encourage vaccinations of employees and their local community. What can businesses learn from what has succeeded and failed? What more can business do to help the country achieve vaccine equity. After all, shouldn’t the communities most at risk be given the greatest opportunity for protection?  

Who can participate?

The competition is open to Penn State students from any Penn State campus as well as students from our partner institutions Morgan State University and Lincoln University. To take part, students will put together teams of four, two of whom are required to be business majors. 

Winners and Organizers of the 2021 Undergrad Sustainable Business Case Competition

What are key dates to participate and who do I contact with questions?

Registration for this virtual case competition opened January 28 and the competition runs through April 1st. Visit the website to learn more.

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