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We believe...Sustainability is built on fundamentals

March 6, 2020


With our social media team, we at the Center for the Business of Sustainability have been sharing our core values. (Scroll down to the bottom of this post to see the complete list of values)


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My thoughts on what it means to be "built on fundamentals"?

First, sustainability is the new standard that old fundamentals must reach. As always and forever, the business must be profitable, delight the customer, and efficiently manage resources—but that’s not enough anymore.  The business must be ecologically intelligent and socially innovative.  That’s the new standard. 


Second, sustainability also introduces a new set of fundamentals: novel skills and knowledge that are the new building blocks of any successful business.  Skills like identifying a business’ social and environmental impact are now just an expectation for any business student or professional.


I often tell business students, if you can’t read financial statements, you will have a hard time making a difference. What I mean is their passion must be tempered and disciplined by a set of core skills.  It doesn't need to be financial like interpreting financial statements, but I use that as an example to, hopefully, awaken them to the reality that passion is not enough. You must have skills, you must master the fundamentals of whatever field or industry you choose to lead, serve and change.