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Penn State + Drawdown = Reversing Global Climate Change

Penn State is a partner with Project Drawdown, an effort to assemble peer-reviewed science to evaluate solutions that reduce atmospheric greenhouse gases and address climate change. More than 100 Penn State faculty have volunteered to help. The partnership with Drawdown is thanks to the leadership of the Institutes of Energy and the Environment, a close partner of Smeal's sustainable business work.

Penn State will host the first Drawdown International Scientific Conference on Sept. 16-18, 2019.


The 100 Drawdown solutions (bet you can't guess what is #1)


Penn State is partnering with Project Drawdown to explore and enhance “the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming.” The Drawdown mission seeks to clarify a positive solutions-oriented path ahead for action on climate change.

Penn State has also offered opportunities for 40 undergraduate scholars who will support Drawdown through modeling, feasibility analysis, and curriculum development. Drawdown Scholars Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program (Drawdown Scholars) will spend eight weeks in an in-depth research experience with Penn State’s faculty and staff from units across the University.

The solutions exist and most are already implemented — we need research and education to see how they’re working, to understand how to scale them appropriately, and to communicate these efforts to policymakers and to the public.

(Source: College of Engineering

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