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Regional board meetings (New York City): towards transforming business practice and education

March 15, 2019

Smeal's sustainable business center launches in 2020. We just held regional board meetings to refine the center business plan. Meeting was hosted by Verizon.


From left in above photo: Neha Kumari (19' MBA); Tara Neilan, Sustainability Consultant, Verizon; Carl Pfleger, VP of Global Operations, PepsiCo (retired) and Smeal Sustainability Advisory Board member; Steve Rochlin, CEO of Impact ROI; Erik Foley, Director of Sustainability, Smeal College of Business; Lori Michelin, President and CEO of World Environment Center and Smeal Sustainability Advisory Board member; Jim Gowen, VP of Manufacturing, Chief Sustainability Officer, Verizon and Smeal Sustainability Advisory Board member; Matt Smith-Marino, Supply Chain Analytics, Verizon; Andy Kaufman ('04 Finance), Chief Investment Officer, Community Capital Management.