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The Most Powerful Social Impact Incubator You Should Know About: Jean Oelwang, President and CEO of

Jean Oelwang is a Smeal alum and today runs one of the world's most innovative social enterprise foundations, Virgin Unite. She joined the Smeal College of Business Board of Visitors last year and has already contributed much with her generous and entrepreneurial spirit (and network of business and non-profit leaders around the world).

I invite you to check out Virgin Unite. These are just a small sampling of the programs they have started:

The B Team is a group of business leaders calling for an end to business as usual.

The Carbon War Room is an initiative incubated by Virgin Unite and now operated by the Rocky Mountain Institute and doing ground-breaking work in the shipping and trucking industries, and working with island nations.

Ocean Unite catalyzes efforts to secure a healthy and vital future for our oceans (which provide 50% of the world's oxygen and are home to most life on earth).

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