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Innovation > Waste: Kristen Royal from Tayst Coffee Visits Penn State and Discusses Alternative t

Josh Sylvan, the inventor of the K-Cup, famously regretted his invention years later after he saw the waste from single-serve "pods" and had the "I've created a monster" Frankenstein moment.

I recently learned of a new company called TAYST COFFEE that invented the pod Josh Sylvan would have invented (if he had done through our sustainability programs). First, the coffee is outstanding (or so they claim). Second, the entire pod is compostable.

Kristen Royal, Director of Sustainability Programs at Tayst, is spending some time with our MBA students this week. One can imagine the various issues from coffee sourcing to logistics/transportation to packaging to marketing/consumer engagement. I am sure her plate is quite full. Her visit is thanks to the leadership of the always active sustainable business expert, Professor Judd Michael.

Judd Michael, Professor of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Business Management for Natural Resources Industries, teaches a Sustainability Strategy course for Smeal's residential MBA program.

Short video from the founders of Tayst (from their website)

Also from the website, a visual of the Tayst pod which they claim is 100% compostable. I especially love the idea that the hard ring is made of a waste product from coffee bean processing.


Please note: I mention Tayst because they are an interesting company and an example of how entrepreneurship and innovation can solve real world problems at a profit. It is NOT to play favorites nor to offer any kind of endorsement. I haven't tried the coffee. I have tried to compost the pod.

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