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New "tell all" Book on McDonald's Sustainability Journey (by former CSO Bob Langert)

I haven't read it but it's on my list...and I wanted to let you know about it.

Admittedly, my thought was, "McDonalds?! Are you serious?" But I have spoken with Bob myself and heard him speak. He is a smart, sincere guy who pushed the envelope (the carton?) at McDonald's and broke the mold most notably in his work with Greenpeace.

So is it a work of fiction or nonfiction? I'll have to read it to know for sure. Probably a little of both, but change is hard and we need the big incumbents like McDonalds heading in the right direction. As sustainable business troubadour Hunter Lovins has said "hypocrisy is the first step to real change", which I can understand, but sincerity must be the second step. Perhaps this behind-the-scenes book has some of both.

The Battle to Do Good: The Inside McDonald's Sustainability Journey

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