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The Weekender: New Penn State Series "Re-imagining Energy"

Image: Susan Stewart, lead strategic adviser to the Wind Energy Club and associate teaching professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering, provides hands-on guidance during a Wind Energy Club Meeting. College of Engineering Facebook page

The Weekender features a longer form publication or multimedia production from a reputable source. We select articles or things to watch or listen to that discuss issues and opportunities we deem just off the radar for many business people, students, and faculty. We aim to expand the mind, broaden the heart, and sharpen the analysis. Have a great Sunday!


Recent news is that U.S. greenhouse gas emissions rose by 3.4% last year and globally rose by 2.7%. Despite hundreds of companies, cities, states and some countries committing to carbon neutrality and switching to renewable energy, we have a long way to go. Fortunately, Penn State is one of the top universities in the world to help us get there.

Penn State News has produced an excellent short series of "five stories that capture just a sliver of that expertise, briefly sampling some of the more innovative ideas of Penn State researchers working together to solve key questions of making and using energy." President Barron has been callings us Energy University for a number of years because we are in the top five globally in energy research in efficiency, carbon capture, renewable energy, policy, and energy and the environment (including climate science). Smeal College of Business' contribution have been research in energy efficiency, climate change, natural gas, and alternative energy. I highly recommend this series which gives gives a brief but comprehensive overview expert outside of the business school.

Reimagining Energy: Penn State Showcases Expertise in Energy-Related Research


Image source: NewBio Project Bioenergy Scholars

"As the land-grant university for the energy-rich state of Pennsylvania, it isn’t surprising that Penn State counts among its core strengths a broad and deep expertise in energy-related research. Today, in areas from materials science to policy, from environmental chemistry to architectural and electrical engineering, the range and quality of our research make Penn State a world leader in energy research."

Posts in the series include:

  • Generating energy—tapping natural processes to power our future

  • Catching carbon—new technology to capture CO2 before it gets into the atmosphere and either sequester it or use it to create new products

  • The built environment—how new inventions and design principles are making our buildings and appliances more energy-efficient

  • Pulling it all together—integrating new sources of energy with the traditional electric grid to provide reliable, sustainable power for homes and businesses

  • And for an inside look at how Penn State students are making a mark in the field of wind energy, see A Shift in the Wind.

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