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Sustainability Showcase Speaker Series. Every Friday. RSVP (all talks are recorded and made availabl

sustainable business talk

I am honored to be kicking off the Spring 2019 string of speakers who are part of the Sustainability Showcase. Learn more about all the speakers and RSVP. There really is such thing as free lunch...(no really, they provide lunch)

Click to RSVP and/or to watch/listen to any of the talks later

My talk will explore four business tactics (while facing head on the complexity and difficult realities when business addresses broader societal and environmental issues):

  • Restoring Natural Capital - the Millenium Ecosystem Assesssment revealed that 60% of global ecosystems are in decline, smart companies recognize this represents a significant risk and are beginning to see another kind of capital: natural capital (MEA)

  • Investing with Impact - $12 trillion in the U.S. is focused on positive returns with social impact (SRI) and forward-looking companies are leading the charge

  • Closing Loops - 98% of the resources extracted to make the things we use everyday is wasted, smart companies recognize that keeping resources cycling and producing value beats going after limited virgin materials (Cradle to Cradle)

  • Leveraging Technology for Sustainability - the Paris Climate Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals are two international agreements changing business practice, new technologies like blockchain are enabling breakthroughs in their ability to generate and use clean energy (IBM)

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