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Visiting Zion (yes, it's still open, for now)...and some inspiration from Utah

To celebrate our 20th anniversary my wife and I are visiting Zion National Park. Great time to reflect on the changing relationship between business and nature.

From Mark Tercek, CEO, The Nature Conservancy (formerly an executive at Goldman Sachs:  "Businesses and governments are beginning to realize that conservation isn't just good for nature, it's good for people. There is a growing understanding of nature as a kind of infrastructure that underpins human well-being and economic prosperity. It's a powerful idea that I believe will lead to greater investment in nature as a solution to some of the world's most pressing global challenges -- climate change, water scarcity, food security, and sustainable infrastructure and energy development." 

From Water, Rock and Time: A Geologic History of Zion National Park (in our hotel room): "The great anthropologist Richard Leakey once compared the age of the Earth to a thousand-page book. If each page represented 4.5 million years, he surmised, the age of dinosaurs would not begin until page 728. [The red rocks of Zion tell their story starting on page 995 (250 million years)] and all recorded human history would fit comfortably on the last line of the last page."

Until next week...

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