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Register - Chris Steuer (PSU '04) on Careers in Sustainability Consulting on Tuesday, Nov 27

Chris Steuer on careers in sustainability consulting

Register now!

Hear from Chris Steuer about his more than 11 years of experience as a consultant with ICF international in the sustainability space.

The talk will include:

  • Chris's journey from Penn State to working in the sustainability space

  • Challenges associated with the career

  • Types of projects in sustainability consulting


Mr. Chris Steuer was a Senior Sustainability Management Consultant for the consulting firm, ICF International, wherein he helped developed sustainability programs for various public and private sector clients, including the National Park Service, U.S. EPA, National Academies of Science, and U.S. House of Representatives, among others.

Currently, Mr. Steuer is Millersville University’s Sustainability Manager and is responsible for coordinating and advancing Millersville’s sustainability initiatives and programs. Mr. Steuer’s is responsible for implementing the University’s Climate Action Plan (pledging carbon neutrality by 2040); incorporating sustainable management principles into University activities and operations; compiling, monitoring, and analyzing Millersville’s energy use to support energy management activities; and engaging University faculty, staff, students and partners to cultivate a culture that sees sustainability as a means for achieving University and community goals.

Mr. Steuer earned his B.S. in Earth Science and M.S. in Geography from the Pennsylvania State University.

Interested in a career in sustainability? Check out out Career Center.

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