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BizEd: Why Aren't Students Studying Sustainability Learning Excel? by Erik Foley

sustainability at business schools and MBA programs

Image credit: James Wang at BizEd Magazine

BizEd magazine this month has an article I wrote reflecting on what we have learned from our now five years of running a national MBA sustainability case competition.

I RECENTLY SPOKE with a director of finance and sustainability at a large, publicly traded real estate investment company who told me that the first question he asks every candidate he interviews is this: “Do you know how to use Excel?”

He emphasized how difficult it is to find candidates with backgrounds in sustainability who also know how to use this essential tool for analysis. His experience reflects a gap I see at many business schools, where sustainability courses often overemphasize qualitative skills, while de-emphasizing quantitative and analytical skills

Click here to read full article at BizEd magazine (don't worry, it's free) which includes three key things all MBAs should learn about sustainability...

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