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The Weekender: Relieving Student Debt with Social Entrepreneurship (listen)

The Weekender features a longer form publication or multimedia production from a reputable source. We select articles or things to watch or listen to that discuss issues and opportunities we deem just off the radar for many business people, students, and faculty. We aim to expand the mind, broaden the heart, and sharpen the analysis. Have a great weekend!

My notes:

This just inspired me to no end! Seeing student loan debt (now $1.5 trillion) not just as a crisis but an opportunity for innovation. Incredible generosity-fueled entrepreneurial spirit.

These Women Have a Clever Answer to the Student Loan Crisis

(From Crazy Good Turns podcast site)

Shared Harvest Fund is a very creative use of a digital platform. But it’s story of something even greater.The real story hear is of three female doctors who, very early in their careers, are taking time and resources from their own battles with debt to create an organization like this.

“My husband asked me, ‘Let me get this straight: We’re going to put ourselves further into debt so we can help other people get out of debt?” NanaEfua recalls with a laugh. “But he got it.”

Their unique approach to student loan relief is working. It’s called Shared Harvest Fund, and it’s helping graduates pay off loans through volunteer work.

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