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Webinar: Bloomberg on Sustainable Finance, Thursday 2pm EST

Bloomberg on Sustainable Finance

Krishna Nadella (Smeal MBA ’04), Head of Sales at Bloomberg Americas will be featured in a webinar on sustainable finance this Thursday at 2:00pm EST. I am writing to ask for your help in promoting this to current MBA, MMOL and online MBA students. Register now.

The world of finance is rapidly changing due to the convergence of big data, artificial intelligence, ESG factors and the rise of impact investing, now an $8 trillion dollar industry just in the United States. This is a rare opportunity to hear from the frontlines of this change.

Participants will hear about:

  • Changes in financial markets including the rise of ESG-based investing and impact investing

  • Implications for careers in finance

  • What you can do to stay current and relevant as a business and/or finance leader

  • And Krishna's advice on balancing life and work!

Register now

This event is being organized and offered by the Penn State Smeal College of Business.

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