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New Penn State resource for mapping labor rights risks and MOOC in Fair Wages in a Global Economy

Mark Anner, Director of the Center for Global Workers' Rights

"Deep Supply Chain, Labor and Human Right, and Working with NGOx and the Social Sector

Mark leads the morning session of the last day of our Penn State Executive Program's "Building a Sustainable Supply Chain". These are a few of my notes from he super talk.

The Dirty Side of the Garment Industry - social impact and sustainability in supply chains

Mark has spent his academic career studying worker rights primarily in the apparel industry. He has frontline experience in El Salvador, Bangladesh among other locations. His insights into the "high cost of low prices" can be startling. But he also brings a message of hope and practical tools to fix what isn't working.

He mentioned the 2015 book Dirty Side of the Garment Industry that exposes the tremendous toxic load of the industry in addition to the water consumption: 1 ton of

fabric requires 200 tons of water.

Mark showed the compelling trailer of the documentary THE TRUE COST.