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MBA Students and Humanitarian Engineers Program Look to Partner

Liz Kennedy, VP of Communications for MBA Net Impact, speaks to interested first year MBA students

Had the pleasure of attending the kick off of the MBA Net Impact Chapter. There was a lot of interest from the first year MBAs and the current leadership presented a lot of cool projects, field trips, consulting opportunities and more.

This year's officers--Sophia, Ryan, Liz and Jonathan--did a great job and are providing more opportunities to students than I have ever seen before.

John Gershenson, Director of HESE

Of particular note, was a new collaboration with the College of Engineering. It was great to see John Gershenson (pictured at left), Director of the College of Engineering's Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship (HESE) Program. MBA Net Impact and HESE are establishing a partnership to provide more business insight to the ventures and learning opportunities to MBA students. MBA student teams will partner with existing ventures and have a consulting role and perhaps a co-leadership/founder role by their second year.

Don't know HESE? From their website:

The Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship (HESE) Program is a class-based program that engages students from all majors in solving impactful, interdisciplinary problems in developing contexts. We create and launch ventures that are culturally appropriate, self-sustainable, and life changing for millions of people – from product design to business model creation.

Well done MBA Net Impact!

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