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Open for Registration - Compete for $10,000 - 2018 Sustainability Case Competition

Winners from 2017 from University of Washington pictured above with Erik Foley, Smeal's Director of Sustainability

Smeal College of Business in partnership with PepsiCo, IBM, Verizon, CNote and Opportunity Finance Network is pleased to announce the Fifth MBA Sustainability Case Competition for Fall 2018. We have had nearly 700 MBA students from across the country participate in our case competitions. Excited for another year!

Click here for complete information.

The case this year—focused on Cnote, the new award-winning impact savings platform—invites students to explore the quickly growing impact investing and social finance space through the

experience of one of its exciting new entrants. Cnote, founded in 2015 by two female entrepreneurs with deep backgrounds in finance, is an award-winning savings platform providing sound returns while investing in female and minority small business owners across America.

Within the larger impact investing space, Cnote has chosen to focus on non-stock financial vehicles with strong returns and social impact. CNote positions itself as an alternative to your traditional savings account.

Quotes from participants last year:

“I would 100% recommend this competition!” -Kelly Mercer, MBA Student, Carnegie Mellon

“This is the most I have learned, in a short period of time, in a long time!” -Sam Choi, MBA Student, Univ of Washington

“Being able to pursue what I am actually passionate about for an extended period of time with a group of individuals who are also passionate...that was a really unique and refreshing experience!” -Matt Pundman, MBA Student, Cornell University

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