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Register now! Faculty Sustainability Workshop

(Sustainability Institute Press Release) Penn State's Sustainability Institute will host a workshop to develop sustainability coursework on Aug. 7 and 8. Over the course of two days, faculty will develop a common language for sustainability, connect it to their disciplines and coursework, visit some of Penn State’s best assets, and workshop materials with their peers. The workshop will be held on the University Park campus. Faculty members from all Penn State campuses are encouraged to attend.

Peter Buckland, academic programs manager at the Sustainability Institute, will lead discussions in a wide range of topics concerning sustainability and curricular planning.

He said the streamlining of sustainability curriculum at Penn State will benefit both faculty and students.

“We believe that universities will be judged by their commitment to meeting the challenges and opportunities of our day,” Buckland said. “Today and tomorrow, we have to meet the energy and climate challenges with renewable energy and smart land use; biodiversity with wise conservation and development; inequality with justice and health; and the meaning of our lives with art and culture.”

Guest faculty from across the University will present at the workshop to show how they have developed units and whole courses that span the disciplines and integrate sustainability in creative ways. Attendees will also visit sites on campus, including the Student Farm, the Arboretum at Penn State and the Palmer Museum of Art.

Attendees will receive a small stipend for their developing new or revised materials. The Sustainability Institute will cover all lodging and travel-related expenses. Workshop attendance will be capped at 15.

Register now. If you have questions, please contact Peter Buckland at

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