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New Video on Smeal Citizenship Conference

Participants at the 2018 Smeal Citizenship Conference

Next year will be the fifth Smeal Citizenship Conference, the largest student sustainability event at Penn State. We thought it was time to tell the story of this terrific event. The new video is below and linked here.

Since 2014, the conference has impacted the lives of over 6,000 students, engaged dozens of companies, and featured keynote speakers from executives at KPMG, Verizon, General Motors, and Land o' Lakes.

The conference is organized primarily by students for students. Their goal is to "create opportunities for professionals and students to connect, educate, and discuss the growing and essential business aspects of sustainability, corporate social responsibility (“CSR”), and ethics."

The Smeal Citizenship Conference is an initiative of the undergraduate Net Impact Chapter in the college and its success is also largely due to Ron Johnson, Senior Instructor in Management & Organization, the group's founding advisor.

The video is the work of Jennifer Neal, manager of marketing communications, and the super people in the Smeal RIIT group.

You can learn more about the Smeal Citizenship Conference and how you and your company can participate.

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