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Just released: 30 Under 30 Using Business for a Better World

June 4, 2018

As the Director of Sustainability at the Smeal College of Business, it is my responsibility to keep my mind constantly steeping in a solution of:  1 part business, 1 part technology, and 1 part each of environmental and social impact, including emerging science, news and events. (Stir together and steep for years until it reaches desired level of understanding).  


In "That's News to Me" I share what I am reading with the growing Triple Bottom Lion community. The current book I am reading is I am Malala by Malala Yousafzi.


My notes - 4 Paths to Business for a Better World

GreenBiz's "30 Under 30" list is always an impressive list of innovators using the power of business and markets to create a better world. I was struck this year by the number of paths they have taken to their work. I count four types of paths, but there are probably more:

  • Intrapreneur:  haven achieved notoriety in their traditional role they create a new value space within an existing enterprise

  • Entreprenuer:  driven by a certain life experience (something inspiring or heartbreaking), the