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Building a Sustainable Supply Chain coming May 8 - 10

Excited to work again with these superb faculty to again offer this three-day workshop.

Learn more, watch short videos of faculty, and reserve your spot today.

PARTICIPANTS HAVE SAID: "Great class. I learned so much about sustainability. Never realized how serious a component this is to business." “Overall, the program challenged my vision of sustainability. I can clearly understand why sustainability is important to business and society. This class should be offered to the CEOs, CFOs, etc.”

Sustainability in the supply chain provides a win-win for every organization. Not only is it good for the environment; it's also good for profitability. The logistics sector has been at the forefront of green innovation for this very reason. The best supply chain leadership today requires the identification and management of environmental and social risks and opportunities.

Program Objective

Traditional supply chain fundamentals are necessary but not sufficient in understanding and strategically managing new risks and opportunities in the realm of sustainability. Driving this change is a combination of pressures from customers, suppliers, competitors, employees, regulations, and resource constraints. This program is designed to equip supply chain leaders with the latest tools, concepts, and business practices for managing an environmentally and economically sustainable supply chain.

Program Benefits

Building a Sustainable Supply Chain prepares you to understand and take advantage of strategic sustainability risks and opportunities in your supply chain. Specifically, you will strengthen your ability to:

  • Identify, understand and measure the environmental and social risks of greatest strategic importance to your business

  • Integrate environmental and social measures into core supply chain fundamentals from procurement to operations management

  • Measure and report on financial returns from managing environmental and social costs and risks

  • Design waste out of your products, services and value chain

Learn more, watch short videos of faculty, and reserve your spot today.

Meet the Faculty...

Meet Dr. Daniel Guide, Smeal Chaired Professor of Operations & Supply Chain Management, Smeal College of Business, Penn State

Meet Mr. Kevin McKnight, J.D., Consultant and Former Chief Sustainability Officer and VP of Procurement, Alcoa, Inc.

Meet Mr. Dave Kiser, Former Vice President of Sustainability, International Paper

Meet Dr. Mark Anner, Associate Professor, Labor and Employment Relations; Director, Center for Global Workers’ Rights, College of Liberal Arts, Penn State

Learn more, watch short videos of faculty, and reserve your spot today.

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