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Free webinar series on sustainable business, Syrian education entrepreneur and the $500 million choc

As the Director of Sustainability at the Smeal College of Business, it is my responsibility to keep my mind constantly steeping in a solution of: 1 part business, 1 part technology, and 1 part each of environmental and social impact, including emerging science, news and events. (Stir together and steep for years until it reaches desired level of understanding).

In "That's News to Me" I share what I am reading with the growing Triple Bottom Lion community. I just finished Eliyahu Goldratt's THE GOAL and because we hosted a guest presenter on impact investing I listened to Michael Lewis' LIAR'S POKER.

Dow Joins Forces with Erb Institute to Expand Sustainability Literacy through Online Education Series

This goes in the category of Dang I Wish I Would Have Thought of That...I like what Michigan is doing for Earth Week with academics from several campuses.

"In celebration of Earth Day, The Dow Chemical Company and the Erb Institute of University of Michigan are partnering to host the inaugural Elements of Sustainability Series, a free online education event taking place April 16-20, with webinars posted daily at 3 p.m. ET.