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No Ducking Responsibility (says Aflac), New Business Models for Global Goals and Brewery Feeds Fish

April 9, 2018

As the Director of Sustainability at the Smeal College of Business, it is my responsibility to keep my mind constantly steeping in a solution of:  1 part business, 1 part technology, and 1 part each of environmental and social impact, including emerging science, news and events.  (Stir together and steep for years until it reaches desired level of understanding).  


In "That's News to Me" I share what I am reading with the growing Triple Bottom Lion community.

How Aflac, Astellas and Carnival Balance Social Action With Their Core Business Messages (3BL Media and PR News)

"Not long ago, companies were counseled to stay out of politics and social causes; 'stick to business and you won’t offend customers or potential customers,' was thought to be the best route. Things have changed."


"In an effort to better understand brands’ motivation behind their CSR positions—and with PR News’ CSR and Nonprofit Awards coming March 20 in Washington, D.C.— PR News, in collaboration with 3BL Media, a CSR news distribution and content marketing firm, convened a roundtable with a number of brands to find out why some companies are moving beyond the traditional Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) positions, what’s the best way to communicate CSR efforts without overdoing it, how to measure success and other best practices."

WATCH:  Breakthrough business models (Project Breakthrough

What if we regarded the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a purchase order from the future?  And we needed to create new business models in order to fill the order?

Features interviews with Marcus Shingles, XPRIZE; Rachel Botsman, Collaborative Economy; Andrew McAfee, MIT; Darlene Damm, Singularity University; Herman Narula, Improbable; Taavet Hinrikus, TransferWise; Marie Kyle, BIMA; Daniel Becerra, BuffaloGrid; Francesco Starace, Enel Group; Josh Tetrick, JUST; Patrick Thomas, Covestro; Jessi Baker, Provenance; and John Elkington, Volans. Project Breakthrough site offers a free Pitch Deck download and User Guide for your executive team, colleagues or students.



The CEO Guide to Water (World Business Council for Sustainable Development)