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The Weekender: The Madness of March

The Weekender features a longer form article (or podcast like this week) from a reputable source. We select articles that discuss issues and opportunities we deem just off the radar for many business people, students, and faculty. We aim to expand the mind, broaden the heart and sharpen the analysis. Have a great weekend!

Smeal College of Business has both a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion as well as sustainability. These two commitments share a lot in common with regard to business leaders taking the full responsibility for their leadership and the results of their decision-making.

I am a big fan of basketball and, therefore, March is a fun month for me. But college basketball is not without its issues and challenges when it comes to diversity and inclusion. As many subscribers will know, there is an interesting I'm going to vote about whether college students shouldbepaid or not. Sometimes missing from those conversations is a candid discussion of race and ethnicity. One view is that the players--especially in the power conferences--are mostly black while the coaches and administrators are white. The former is unpaid and the latter are among the highest paid in higher education.

Thr purpose here is not to take a side but to allow for exploration of important and relevant leadership and business issues sometimes left out of the discussion.

Code Switch (Podcast) - "The Madness of March"

"The TV execs, coaches, universities and university heads who benefit from all this are overwhelmingly white. But those players on the court, they're mostly black. So what, if anything, are they owed?..."

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