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The Weekender: My Life in the Elusive Green Economy

Politico My Life in the Elusive Green Economy

The Weekender features a longer form article from a reputable source. We select articles that discuss issues and opportunities we deem just off the radar for many business people, students, and faculty. Sit back and enjoy. Have a great weekend!

My Life In the Elusive Green Economy

(by Michael Grunwald, senior staff writer for Politico Magazine)

"In 2017, I finally went green. I bought solar panels for our roof and an all-electric Chevrolet Bolt. I didn’t do it because the climate emergency has gotten more urgent, although it has, or because I want to be a better person, although I do. I did it to save money.

Over the past decade, the costs of solar panels and electric-vehicle batteries have dropped so dramatically that they’re starting to make financial sense—not yet for all consumers in all parts of the country, but for more consumers every day. Now my life has become a daily education in the fast-changing economics of green. Our home solar investment should pay for itself in eight years, a solid return with virtually no risk. The Bolt is a fun, safe, practical car that’s also pretty cheap, especially factoring our savings from brewing our fuel on our roof."

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