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Eagles vs Patriots and Super Bowl Sustainability (which team's operations are powered with 100%

(Environmental Leader, 2018) "The New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles face off Sunday at the LEED Gold-certified US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis for Super Bowl LII. But how do the teams’ home stadiums stack up environmentally? Let’s find out." 

Oh another football related topic...Budweiser just announced 100% of its brew will be made with renewable energy by 2025. 

Commentary on sustainability..

These two stories are pretty cool and further evidence of the great shift that is taking place. But they do have a narrow focus, at least these articles, on a particular aspect of sustainability: the environmental footprint of operations. This is not a criticism just a clarification. The word sustainability is used to cover many things, and I myself have used it above. As a college we take our definition of sustainability seriously and I feel compelled to make a clarifying point and not to use the word lightly. The environmental footprint of operations and facilities is a cornerstone of sustainability. But these articles don't address a larger and equally important set of concerns. For example, the supply chain and labor rights, social and economic justice concerns in relation to the sighting of large capital projects like a stadium, the treatment or portrayal of women and minorities in these companies or their advertising, concussions and long term player health, etc. 

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