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Cheet sheet: State of Green Business Report 2018

January 29, 2018


For 11 years, GreenBiz Group has published an annual report that "looks at 10 key trends and dozens of metrics assessing how, and how much, companies are moving the needle on the world’s most pressing environmental challenges."  In the early days, the report was an exciting compendium of projects, stories and data showing the breadth and variety of corporate approaches to environmental responsibility and innovation. 


But there is a difference between activity and actually making progress. So for the last few years, they have also tried to answer the question: 


"Is any of this moving the needle?  Is all this corporate activity to improve social and environmental impact making a difference?"  

To answer that question, they have partnered with TruCost, a leader in carbon and environmental data and risk analysis, now a part of S&P Dow Jones Indices.


Read the full report by accessing it on our downloads page or by going to GreenBiz to read a summary and download.


The 10 Sustainable Business Trends to watch in 2018:

  1. ESG moves from the margins to the mainstream: environmental, social and governance factors (ESG) is increasingly part of the risk analysis for business and investment valuation; according to the Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative 2016 report, 58 stock exchanges, representing over 70% of listed equity markets, have made a public commitment to advancing sustainability in their market.

  2. Science-based targets gain traction: the Science-Based Target Initiative (SBTI) counts over 200 companies committed to registering science-based targets

  3. Green finance funds the sustainability transition: the OECD projects green bonds market growing to $4.7 - $5.6 trillion by 202

  4. Rethinking carbon for the new economy: big data + low carbon energy sources = major innovations in the energy sector; China has committed over $300 billion to renewable energy

  5. Economic inclusion becomes a sustainability imperative: "In nature, diversity builds ecosystem health, productivity, longevity and resilience. So, too, in communities: Sustainable economic and social systems need to be diverse and inclusive in every respect."

  6. Energy storages charges forward: projected deployment of 125 gigawatts in storage capacity worldwide between now and 2030, according to projections — a $103 billion investment

  7. Cities mobilize to avert "peak delivery" congestion: "Cities across the world are congested enough. But the growing wave of online and app-based commerce could reach a tipping point...United States alone accounted for an annual 13 billion parcel shipments — just over 40 packages a year for every man, woman and child in America — and that number likely will double in the next three to four years." Multi-stakeholder de