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Department of Defense and Strategic Sustainability

Army Lt. General Darrell Williams Army director of the Defense Logistics Agency

Does the Department of Defense have a sustainability strategy? Yes, they do. You should know about it.

Smeal was honored today to have Lt. General Darrell Williams, Director of the Defense Logistics Agency, as part of our on-going Executive Insights series.

DLA is a massive global logistics operation active in 26 countries with 26,000 employees

  • provides more than $35 billion in goods and services annually.

  • Supports more than 2,300 weapon systems

  • Manages nine supply chains and about 5 million items from uniforms to meals to pharmaceuticals and weapons systems

Lt. Williams had great advice for our students and was an impressive leader and he made me think again of the Department of Defense's work in sustainability.

Two Views on Sustainability and the DoD

In particular, Lt. Williams made me think of DoD Strategic Sustainability Performance Plans....and the straight-talk of retired Marine Puck Mykelby:

1. DoD Strategic Sustainability Performance Plans (SSPP)

According to their website, the DoD SSPP "presents a progress update and the way forward across a framework of four sustainability objectives: continued availability of critical resources, readiness maintained in the face of climate change, waste and pollution minimized, and management and practices built on sustainability and community."

2. LISTEN/WATCH - Sustainability as the New Grand Strategy: "Because it Frikkin' Works" (~14 minutes...very candid dude)

Colonel Mark “Puck” Mykleby, United States Marine Corps (Retired)

Mark graduated from the United States Naval Academy with distinction in 1987. He earned a Masters of Military Studies from the Marine Corps Command and Staff College in 1999. Mark’s operational experience includes numerous deployments (land based and ship borne) to the European, Pacific, and Southwest Asian theaters in support of Operations PROVIDE PROMISE, DENY FLIGHT, SOUTHERN WATCH, and IRAQI FREEDOM.

More about Mark now with Long Haul Capital that invests in urban resilience and walkable communities

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