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Knock Knock. Who's There? Nestle. Nestle Who. Nestle Water.

January 19, 2018

Bottled water has come a long way since the first plastic bottle came of the manufacturing line in 1973 (ThoughtCo, 2017). And it is knocking on our door here in Central Pennsylvania. Nestle announcement. Centre Daily Times news release.


Nestle Waters North America has proposed a $50 million plant that will provide 50 jobs and millions of bottles of water to markets in the Mid-Atlantic region. My intent here is not to take a side either for or against the proposed project. 


Surely our water resources are precious and have been the focus of a lot of civic activity, non-profit leadership and local government investment for decades. (See "The Drawing That Saved a Watershed").  Much of this work has been done by Clearwater Conservancy (full disclosure: I am on their board).  The provision of jobs and the additional monies in the county are vital to our community.  We have nearly 28,000 people living below the poverty line--17% of the population--and 2,800 unemployed (Data Source: US Census and PA Dept of Labor and Industry)


Three factors contributing to the rise of bottled water:


The Healthy Beverage Alternative