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4 Research-backed Hacks for Resolutions, New Book Interviews 200 Women, $23 trillion for clean energy, DIY Girls Invent Solar Tent for Homeless

December 31, 2017

These high-schoolers won $10,000 for a solar-powered tent for the homeless (story below...)


4 Research-Backed Tips on Resolutions that Work

From the Heath brothers, two of my favorite authors (Decisive, Made to Stick, and others)

  1. Look for bright spots - instead of looking for deficiencies, the research suggests asking "what's working and how can I do more of it?"

  2. Make one change at a time - self-control and willpower is a limited resource that you want to focus very carefully. You will run out! Don't try to fix a relationship, learn a new language and meet your neighbors all at once.

  3. Turn that one change into a habit - make your new behavior a habit so you can be on automatic pilot and not have to will your way forward each day. That won't work. What will work is making it a routine. Habits are hard to break and you can use this to your advantage.  

  4. Set an "action-trigger" to start your habit ASAP - research suggests that what helps limit the use of willpower is a simple hack:  use a regular daily or weekly occurrence as a trigger for a new behavior. For example, every day after dinner, I will take time to review the family finances and daily spend. Dinner is the trigger.  In fact, cleaning up dinner (glad to miss that!) is the trigger.


New Book - 200 Women: Who Will Change the Way You See the World

From the website: "200 Women is a book and exhibition founded on original interviews and accompanying photographic portraits. This landmark project is the realization of an epic global jo