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WANTED: Sailboat for Santa; FOR SALE: used sleigh

"If I were a meteorologist advising Santa, I'd suggest that maybe he changes transportation systems."

Ed Struzik is a fellow with the Institute for Energy and Environmental Policy at Queens University and author of “Future Arctic: Field Notes from a World on the Edge.” 

Excerpt from Living on Earth Podcast:

STEVE CURWOOD (Living on Earth host): Wait a second. Here we are at the holiday season in North America and you're telling me that Father Christmas, that Santa Claus is set up on the North Pole, I mean there's no there's no place for him anymore huh?

STRUZIK: Well, you know, I think you know that's probably the message is that he's probably instead of a sled it's going to be a sailboat and maybe a flying sailboat that he's going to use in the future because at some point in time, maybe not December, but there has been open water at the North Pole in December in the past. Not a lot of it, but we're moving in that direction so if I were a meteorologist, I would just advising Santa, I'd suggest that maybe he changes transportation systems. 

Read or listen to full interview. 

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