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OPERATION NICE LIST: Santa's Sustainability Strategy


A brilliant slideshow that puts you on Santa's Nice List. This was developed by the good people over at the consultancy SustainAbility.

Click here to see the whole slide show or click on one of the images above or below.

Complete with a Materiality Analysis. Top pain points for Santa Inc. are "lack of faith" and "resource scarcity". If people stop believing, demand for his services will plummet like a Rudolph-less chariot. And if we continue to degrade forests and oceans, the re-making of nature will be outside the skillset of the Elves.

Gotta stay close to the customer!

Among the 5 - 7 year olds there is some concern related to the viability of flying reindeer. Such doubt, if left unaddressed, could spiral into kids dropping Christmas--even with constant rewatching of Elf and Miracle on 34th Street.

Enjoy! : )

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