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"I would definitely recommend it" - 4th Annual Smeal MBA Sustainability Case Competition

December 4, 2017

"I would definitely recommend it."


Participants from University of Washington' team after video recordings of testimonials at Smeal's recording studio. The students said they strongly value the opportunity to dig into something they are passionate about and to test their skills against real-world business challenges. They all said it was a great experience and would definitely recommend it to other students.


The finalists for this year's 4th Annual Smeal MBA Sustainability Case Competition year were Arizona State, University of Washington, Penn State, Cornell and Carnegie Mellon. What great fortune to welcome such superb schools to Penn State Smeal College of Business! 


And the winners were....


I can't tell you yet. The official press release will be out later this week. Sorry.  : (


We had 44 teams from 28 business schools this year for a great case focused on PepsiCo's greenhouse gas reduction strategy. Sponsors were PepsiCo, IBM, SKF, Verizon and Opportunity Finance Network.


The students always inspire me and motivate me. They are from around the country and around the world, yet they share a common commitment to using the power of business for a better world.


Judges providing specific feedback to each team. From left to right: Jim Gowen (in the back), VP of Supply Chain and Chief Sustainability Officer at Verizon;