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News Round Up: Things this week that got my attention

October 23, 2017


Local Features....Penn State football continues to roll and our Tailgate Ambassadors continue to make sure we are raising our recycling game as well; Paul Hawken is speaking about his new book Drawdown on Nov 14 and Penn State researchers search for better batteries.


Around the World

1. Internal carbon pricing becoming the new normal (GreenBiz and Bus Green)

According the to the CDP, 1,300 companies now have set an internal price on carbon and set up a carbon accounting system to award and penalize business units on their carbon. Why? They say it helps them track waste and prepares them for global carbon trading schemes, such as in China, and to respond to the Paris Agreement. What is an internal carbon price and why do it?


2. Meanwhile KPMG reports that "almost three quarters (72 percent) of large and mid-cap companies worldwide do not acknowledge the financial risks of climate change in their annual financial reports" in the new KPMG report The Road Ahead on corporate responsibility reporting


3. Starbucks Global Director of the Environment Rebecca Zimmer and others visited Penn State this past week.  I was impressed with their 99% sourcing of ethically sourced coffee and sustainability training program for 300,0