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Top websites for business sustainability cases

Four years ago Smeal started a national MBA Sustainability Case Competition which we host every fall. In establishing our case competition, we have come to learn about a number of resources for business sustainability cases. Some just supply cases and others provide cases with teaching notes and myriad links to additional information.

In case it saves someone a few steps, here is a grab bag of what we have discovered. There is even more out there and please add your ideas in the comments.


The Case Centre claims to be the case method resource for business education worldwide and to have the largest library of business cases in the world along with teaching materials and a wide variety of other resources such as the Case Centre short video series on writing good cases.


MIT Sloan Learning Edge Cases are free and features a number of sustainability-focused cases.


Michigan Sustainability Cases is one of the coolest finds in our Internet wanderings. These are are collection of free, interactive cases with interactive links for more information and multimedia content.


Oikos International is an international student-driven organization for sustainability in economics and management. Founded in 1987 in Switzerland, we today empower leaders to drive change towards sustainability worldwide. Launched in 2003, the oikos Cases Program supports the development and use of cases on sustainability in courses on management, finance,entrepreneurship, and more.


SAGE Business Cases is "the first discipline-wide digital collection tailored to library needs, providing IP-wide access to cases and making discovery and research easier outside of the traditional per-case purchase model...In 2017, this truly global collection includes 1,700 case studies. Our editors are already working on next year's additions, to reach 2,500 cases in 2018."


There are other places with excellent sustainability cases that impressed us such as Harvard Business Review's Case Shop and Stanford's Case Studies.

Let us know about other good places to check for good teaching cases.

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